James Paterak Discusses How to Create Your Dream Home in North Dakota

James Paterak recently discussed how to turn your dream home in North Dakota into a reality.


Bismarck, North Dakota / Owning a home is a goal many North Dakotans have. However, turning that goal into a reality can be a complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing. North Dakota project manager James Paterak recently discussed how to turn your dream home into a reality.

James Paterak (20) (1)“The first and possibly the largest decision you need to make when creating your dream home is where you want it to be,” James Paterak said. “I suggest renting in the area where you want to build or purchase a home for several months before beginning the project.”

James Paterak explained that you can learn a lot about a place by living there, and you may realize you want something different. Other factors that may affect where you want your dream home include the school system, cost of living, and accessibility to work and family. When you find the place you want your dream home to be, you’ll know it. 

“Choosing where to build or purchase your home should be a decision your family makes alone,” James Paterak said. “Many times, friends and family will try to sway you in one direction or another, but you’re the ones who will be living there, and you need to choose what’s best for you.”

James Paterak explained that affordability is another major factor. It pays to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your interests and what you’ll be able to afford comfortably. Paterak explained that North Dakota cities tend to have much higher property pricing and a higher cost of living. Properties in cities also tend to be much smaller than in smaller towns and rural areas. 

“It’s essential to consider what your goals are,” James Paterak explained. “If you’re hoping to make a home that is spacious enough for your family to grow into, or if you want a large backyard, you may want to consider looking outside of major cities.”

James Paterak finished by explaining that making your dream home in North Dakota is all about thinking long-term. Think about the home as though it will be the one you’d like to own forever. This means thoroughly considering the layout, the location, the property, cost, and more. 

“Your dream home doesn’t have to be something you think about 20 years from now,” Paterak said. “It can be a reality today, but you must consider all the above factors before leaping, as purchasing or building a home will likely be one of your life’s largest investments.”